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Create .smil file in multi level subfolders under content folder using REST api

Hi All,

I am using wowza REST api for creating .smil file.

[POST Method] http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/smilfiles/{smilfileName}

But I need to create the .smil file under subfolder of content folder. subfolder can vary for different .smil file creation. I want to pass subfolder info as a parameter. What’s the way I can do that.

And if I need to go through ABR, then I need to create .smil for for each video source file? Like if I upload 5 video source files I have to create 5 .smil files?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, this endpoint does not support subfolders. You will need to use operating system file commands to move the generated SMIL file to a sub-folder.

For a group of ABR streams, you should use only one SMIL file that includes all the renditions of that ABR stream. For example, if you have three renditions of sample.mp4 (sample_160p.mp4, sample_360p.mp4, and sample_480p.mp4), then you would need only one SMIL file (sample.smil) that has video source renditions for each one. Your playback URL would then only refer to sample.smil.