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Cross-Origin Request Blocked

It ships with Java 9 as the minimum required, but you can use a more recent java. You can use Java version 9 - 12. You need to point Engine to the one you want to use.

11 is what I program in. I am not too fond of 9. I had a lot of bad experiances with it.

yes, thank you. I am going to switch it over if the heap goes wild again. as for now, it is running normally. We are going to be loading some 8k video to it as soon as we get the RAW files here. Now, WebM has a better bitrate, will dash VOD support that?

Ok, well the engineers just now suggested you take a look at this then for now. They think it’s Linux and needs to tuned.

as far as why, we had some issues getting a higher Java out in time for the last release, but in the next major engine release, we will ship java 11 out of the box.

Understood. So in that article it gives you the steps to point your Engine to Java 11 then.