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CRUD Streams by Wowza API

Hey Everyone,

I am developing a PHP application and i would like to know which the better way to create a CRUD for streams. Can i use a HTTP Provider? Or would it be better to have a WebServer? How is the creation of streams files by the Wowza Streaming Engine interface?

Details: Wowza version 4.0.3 in a AMI EC2, NetBeans IDE and i have the Server Side API and User Guide.

What exactly are you trying to do? Do you have a live encoder?

You might want to look over the various tutorials and guides in this list. You will find a quickstart guide in documentation



You can use an HTTPProvider to do all of that, and use your PHP application to load the Wowza HTTPProvider with post or get variables.



Have a look at the MediaCaster API it should provide the functionality you are after.


You can utilize an HTTP Provider to output xml as we do with several of ours out-of-the-box (see serverinfo and/or connectioncounts). Also, check out the examples in our articles list.


Great, thanks for the update.


Hello Varna

I’d suggest creating an HTTP Provider that can create/start/stop/remove ipcamera configurations. You can take a look at this tutorial as a good starting point.



Please refer to ticket #103502

Hey Richard,

Thanks for reply!

So my PHP application will receive two informations: the stream name and the rtsp from ip camera.

Later will add this new stream in Wowza Server. For example, if i receive the pair information

Stream name:

Rtsp: rtsp://test:554/pathrtsp

My application will send the information for Wowza Server that will add the new stream. Something similar with “Add Stream File” in Wowza Streaming Engine.

And i don’t have a live encoder. It’s necessary? Which the better way for implement that functionality?

Sorry for the delay.

But thank you for informations. I will try to make a HTTPProvider for publish streams and anything i return here.

See you soon Richard.

Best Regards

Hey again!

I would like to know which API class have a function that allow to add a stream files with parameters: stream name and rtsp url. Because i didn’t find something like this in IMediaStream class or Stream class.

Thank you very much Andrew. It worked.

Now i would like to know how i can return a information like a xml for the PHP Application through of a HTTP Provider. Can the onHTTPRequest method return something different of void if override?

And other question is how access provider with admin-digest authentication in my application? Can I put user/password in the url or do I need to change for admin-basic?

It worked. I did a HTTP Provider as recommended by Matt. Thank you very much Matt.

Best Regards,



I have a similar requirement, where we need to push new streams for client IP Cameras automatically from a php application and enable live viewing/recording of the same from embedded players such as JW/Flow Player in the php application. Please suggest a direction where we can start looking into integrating the above?




Thanks for your response. So we need to create the httpprovider code in java and then use this to link with our php application?.

I was wondering if the wowza api can be invoked by php via webservices or url queries (like stream start/stop recording with http://[wowza-ip-address]:8086/livestreamrecord?app=live&streamname=myStream&action=startRecording)?