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Culprits when upgrading server OS?


We are currently running streaming engine (latest release) on windows 2008 server.

As support for win 2008 is ending next year, we have to upgrade our server to windows 2016.

Is there any issues/culprits to be aware of when upgrading the server OS?

Can we upgrade directly to 2016, or should we upgrade to 2012 first?

Is it better to do a clean install on windows 2016 rather than doing upgrade?

Jan E.

Hi Jan,

We don’t have any specific info regarding Windows Server 2016, but I would be very surprised if Wowza Streaming Engine did not run on that OS.

As Wowza runs within a Java JVM, the main requirement is that the Java runtime environment (JRE) can run. Windows has had support for JRE for a long time and I’m not aware of that changing on any more recent releases. We can not make guarantees on that though, and our official list of supported operating systems can be found here,v


It sounds like there is nothing to worry about, except havning JRE up to date version :slight_smile:

And remember to backup just in case …

Jan E.

Hi Jan,

It should work fine on Windows Server 2016 and we do have other users on this version as well. You may find the following article helpful when backing up and migrating the configuration:

Migrating WSE To A New Server

Best regards,


Hi Jan,

I’m in the same starting position with having to Upgrade my Wowza Windows 2008 R2 servers to Windows 2016.

I’m wondering how the upgrading turned out for you. Did it go well as anticipated or were there any issues?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards


Reach out @Ueli Bosshard should you run into any issues.

Hi Ueli

We decided to establish a new server rather than doing an upgrade.

That way we get a clean new start and can avoid any downtime.

Jan E.