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CupertinoMediaCasterConnection.outputStream: Streamname: Too many chunk in the output, quitting


The information about my wowza version is as follows

Our live broadcast streams freeze every 3 to 5 seconds, this error appears in the error logs, which values should I change, no matter what I do, can you help?

About Wowza Streaming Engine
Wowza Streaming Engine Version
4.8.14+9 (build 20210719152831)
Wowza Streaming Engine Manager Version
4.8.14+9 (build 20210719152831)
Windows Server 2016 (amd64)

Java Information

Java Version
Java VM Version
Java Architecture
Java Name
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
Java Vendor
Oracle Corporation
Java Home
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.14+9\jre
Java Max Heap Size

Welcome to the community @Tolga_Dikmen! Since you’re new, please know that Wowza technical support does not troubleshoot in the forums since they require full access to your Engine files and logs.

You will need to submit a support ticket please.

In the meantime, I can provide some guidance and would recommend you read the following article where we offer our guidance for Cupertino chunk settings:

I’d look at this in particular:

  • cupertinoMaxChunkCount – Sets the maximum number of chunks Wowza Streaming Engine stores in the available chunk list. The default value is 10 , but for reduced latency streaming we recommend storing 50 seconds worth of chunks. For one-second chunks, set the cupertinoMaxChunkCount to 50 ; if you’re using half-second chunks, the value should be doubled ( 100 ).

  • cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount – Sets the number of items returned to the player in the playlist. The default value is 3 , but for reduced latency streaming we recommend returning 12 seconds of data to the player. This prevents the loss of chunks between chunklist requests. For 1-second chunks, set the cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount to 12 ; if you’re using half-second chunks, the value should be doubled ( 24 ).