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cupertinoPacketizeAllStreamsAsTSVOD risk?

We’re using jwplayer 7.12.1 to stream on-demand from Wowza StreamingEngine (build 19572).

We’re trying to stream audio only (mp3) using HLS, since flash (RTMP) is discouraged.

Streaming mp3 using HLS didn’t work until we found the suggestion to enable cupertinoPacketizeAllStreamsAsTSVOD. Now it works.

My question is, what is the downside/risk of enabling that? It’s an obscure setting, so there must be a reason it’s not set by default.



Hello @Ron Stanonik,

The following article goes into further details about setting up this property and why you would use it.

The basic idea is to use this property if the stream is going to be played on devices other than iOS.


Alex C.