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Custom Android/iOS Client

Hello I would like to develop my own streaming client to work with Wowza.

My client is targeted for Android and iOS, and just needs to stream audio from the phone to Wowza.

I can not find any documentation on a Client side API. Where would I look? Also, is there any example code?




Take a look at Livu for iOS

And I have heard of this for Android but have no experience or other reports about it:


These are not Wowza products. I don’t have this info, but I don’t think you will get Speex audio from an iOS device, and doubt from Android either.


To publish a stream from a mobile device to Wowza? We really don’t have any guidance for that, except the Wowza specs


I don’t know of any Wowza program re compatible devices, but you can write to and ask about that. There is OEM licensing.

For your project, you just have to either push h.264 video and AAC or MP3 audio to a Wowza application over RTMP or stream h.264/AAC|MP3 to a udp or rtsp endpoint that Wowza can re-stream from.


Many thanks Richard,

It’s good to see that it is possible to create custom clients.

But I must be missing something… How was Livu created? Does it emulate the protocol for one of the other supported clients? Where would that be documented?

Some more info on my app. I want to stream Speex data. I see that Wowza supports “RTP: Speex IETF RFC5574”. Is there some documentation/sample code for a RTP/Speex client? Do I need to look somewhere besides the Wowza site?

Thanks again


Hi Richard,

I am writing such a device. My company uses Wowza with its desktop product written in Flash. I want to develop our mobile version.

How do I develop a client to work with Wowza?



Thanks Richard, I understand that Wowza just makes the Server.

As I said, I think I am missing something. I think I want to develop a “Compatible Live Encoding Device”, in particular Speex.

What is the process for Wowza working with companies that make “Compatible” devices? Is there a standards body? Is it documented? Is there some way to verify that a device is compatible? How was, say, the Livu app developed?

Lots of companies make “compatible” devices. How do I learn about that.

Many thanks again


Hello again Richard,

I think I may be answering my own question-- could you please confirm my understanding

The Wowza Specification lists “IETF RFC5574” as an “Applicable Transport Protocol and Payload Specification”

This protocol is documented by the IETF here

So, if I implement a client for that protocol, it should work with Wowza right?

Thanks in advance