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Custom-built player for web, ios and android


I already manage to stream live to web and ios devices using an rtmp stream from FMLE as follows:

I cannot however stream to Androids, and for the life of me, I cannot find out how to either and have given up.

Can someone please tell me what is needed? Some transcoding? Another line of code? An oblation to Goddess Athenae? All suggestions welcome.


Alan Costello

I think I found the answer - it works on the Android I tried at least…

iPhone I already knew:


and here is the Android code:


It seems to work - any further comments or confirmation this is correct/incorrent are welcome.

I got it from this link: View Streaming From Android or IOS Smarthpone (?)


Devices running Android OS 4.x do support playback using HLS, so the iPhone URL format given above should also work, when

the URL is linked to in some way on a web page. RTSP on Android should be considered as a fallback for older devices that

cannot play HLS very well, generally Android pre-4.x


Goodarz, you can stream a live audio only stream to Android over RTSP:


Do keep in mind Android does not support mp3 audio over RTSP with audio only streams (or audio/video streams for that matter) So you may need to use the Wowza Transcoder.

Newer Android devices support HLS streaming which does support mp3, although it is still recommended to use AAC audio:





I would like to stream live audio only. can I play with Andriod devices Audio-Live-Stream?

if so, can someone give me a HTML code?