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Custom Java module not loading in Streaming Engine

I’ve followed the tutorial below step by step, however, the module I’ve created does not appear to load or execute, as I’m not seeing any log entries relating to the standard getLogger calls in the Wowza Streaming Engine. More specifically, I have created a new Wowza project containing a new module (see code below). Eclipse has then created a jar file in the lib folder of the install directory. I have added the module to a live application on the streaming server. I have also edited the Application.xml file to include the new module.

To hopefully run the module I’ve written, I am streaming an mp4 file using ffmpeg (according to the documentation here) to the streaming engine (via the live application), which I can see in the test players. My understanding was that this would trigger at least one of the event listeners in the module. However, nothing appears to come up in the logs. The only entries related to starting the stream, that I can see, are shown below.

I’ve been trying to debug what’s going wrong for quite a while now, so I’d appreciate any suggestions of what might fix the issue. I’ve seen another forum post here suggesting it could be related to Java versions. I’ve compiled my project using a compliance level of 1.7 which I assumed would be compatible with the Java version used by Wowza.

OS: Windows 10

Eclipse version: 2018-09 (4.9.0)

Java version: 10.0.2


I recently developed my first module and found out that restarting the application in which you add the module is not enough, i needed to restart the whole wowza streaming engine, and i need to do this after every code change.

Also getLogger().info() won’t show by default, you need .warn() at least so that you can see your logs with the default log4j configuration.

Hello @Nicolae Vladescu

That is correct, you’ll need to restart the Wowza Streaming Engine service when adding or editing your custom module.