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custom module creator people recommendations

Wowza is about to send me a list of consultants who can create a custom API module for me, and I thought I would go ahead and ask if there are any specific people on the list that others have had especially good or bad experiences with.

In case anyone is interested, all I’m looking to do is to be able to press one button to have the server connect to 339 incoming RTMP streams, and then press another button that starts recording all of them with the 15-minute segment durations. I know about the startup streams and record all incoming streams buttons, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get them to do the 15-minute segment duration as well without having to press each one individually and select that option for each one.

Hello. All the consultants on the list and in the forum are endorsed by Wowza and are actively vetted for quality service.

With that said, they all come recommended. You do still reserve the right to interview them and find someone you feel comfortable with.




If you are looking to hire a consultant, you should post your project description in the “Find a Consultant” forum section.