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Custom Module development - Grabbing a thumbnail from a live stream(without addon)


first of all im using wowza 4.1 on windows server.

I’m looking for someone that would build me a custom module that would grab a picture of lives streams( alot of them) every 20 minutes and save them on my website folder so i could use them, also when there would be a new picture from the same stream, it would erase the last one and create the new one.

*without using transcoder addon

if you have any more question about the module please ask.

budget: please offer me~


I have already developed module :slight_smile:

Contact me:


I also have a module developed for this; don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek



If the job is still open we can help you to build a solution built around ffmpeg to achieve this requirement of thumbnail generation.



skype: shijils


If you are still looking for this solution I can help with a server-side module written in pure Java (no ffmpeg or transcoder).

You can contact me on Skype: gmaulino



Hi, I’ve both version ,

  • client side capturing stream image ( with transcoder addon / with ffmpeg )

  • server side capturing stream image ( with transcoder addon / with ffmpeg )

If you are interest ,I’ll show you demo.


Emre Karatasoglu

Skype & Email

I mailed you