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Custom properties for srt stream targets

Hi there,

just wanted to know if it´s possible to add more custom properties to SRT stream targets than the ones mentioned here (key length, pass phrase):

As there are many more parameters in the SRT protocol that would be useful. Or am I just missing sth.!?

Thanks a lot!

Is there something you’re looking for in particular and I can ask while I look into this for you?

Ok great- let me look into it right now. Thanks.

well for a start it would be nice to be able to choose between caller/listener mode, set maxbw or oheadbw, sending port, etc.

The other doc that references the SRT settings is this one here:

If you’d like to submit a support ticket though our engineers are happy to try and test through some of ones you asked for, but as of right now, the ones in the docs are all we support.