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Custom ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor


I need to customize ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor module.


  1. I need to read monitored applications list from a json formatted file and not Server.xml.

  2. Monitored applications list could be reloaded dynamically.

Where I can find it’s source code?


Some idea for enhancement.

Currently applications list is placed inside Server.xml


It’s not so flexible.

It can’t be reloaded without Wowza restart.


  1. Declare path to a file startupStreamsMonitorApplicationList.json
  1. File startupStreamsMonitorApplicationList.json contains json
  "appList": ["live1", "live2", ... "liveN"];
  1. Add API function to reload this file on the fly without WowzaMediaEngine restart.

Thanks, any ideas appreciated.

I answer same in your post here