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Customise webrtc signalling server

I was wondering if there is a way to extend and customise the webrtc signalling server. I need to be able to handle custom commands to be able to handle many to many in a room. I presume the get available streams just collects all available publishing streams and not filtered to a room. The client needs to be able to get a message from the signal server if somebody joins that room with a published stream.

Is this publishing and multiple subscribing intensive on the server because its not peering ? Is there a way to turn off hls packetizing for these particular streams ?

I see you can extend this , HTTPWebRTCExchangeSessionInfo but how is it possible to determine publisher sessions and subscriber sessions. And send a message to all subscriber sessions with the publisher names when a publisher starts ? This is going to help setup a many to many stream. the signal server only setup for one to many.

I’ve tried looking but no way to handle the websocket messages from clients, send messages and collect the sessions

I see this but no documentation how it can be used for websocket messages


So one way to create different rooms and then manage them is to use an app instance. When you create your session, instead of just using an app name add also the app instance. This can be done using a forward slash. So if my app were webrtc, I could signal with webrtc/room1 and then I can use the get streams query for just that room.

You can then have all the subscribers also just grab everyone in that room.

I’m configuring instances for rooms. I have a poller to obtain streams. But I also need to notify connected sessions. A publish has started to subscribe to. Haven’t found a working method yet