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Customize language names in HLS stream

When specifying languages for multi-language caption files, is there a way to define custom language codes or names?

We are hosting HLS streams with multiple languages by loading all of the captions into a TTML file that has multiple language sections, and referencing it from a SMIL file. We have a use case where a user wants to include multiple localization of spanish (cuban, mexico, castillian, etc) in the same HLS stream. But we don’t know of a way to refine a language code by locale.

Locale is supported by TTML with ISO-3611 region codes (i.e. spa-CU for Spanish / Cuba). HLS supports language name in the NAME tag. According to the Wowza documentation, only the first 2 or 3 characters of a language code are allowed, so we don’t see a way to pass a language name such that it appears in the NAME tag for the HLS manifest. Is there any way to do this?