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,Dash.js reference players stop playing longer videos due to audio buffer filling up

We have a video streaming server set up by someone who left the organization.

Those of us left are in the dark on the intricacies of streaming video.

The wowza streaming engine is on site. Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge are set to use the DASH.js player. Starting on May 29th, we started to get reports that longer Video On Demand videos would stop playing on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge. There are NO issues with Android, IPhone, or Safari.

We updated the Wowza Streaming Engine software to the latest and changed the provisioning to get rid of the one error in the wowza logs (First frame of video has a non-zero CTTS value [66], playback may not work on all browsers, try setting HTTPStreamer/Properties boolean property mpegdashAdjustCTTSForFirstKeyFrameToZero to true).

No matter what version of the dash reference player we use (, we get the same problem of the audio buffer filling up. This was not a problem with any of our videos before May 29th.

It seems that the issue is not with the player, but either with the manifest files or the configuration of the streaming engine. Does anyone have any recommendations? We would use the wowza player, which works for Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge, but we must have captioning working.

Thank you

[153249] Getting the next request at index: 85, type: video Debug.js:127:12

[153249] Signal complete - video Debug.js:127:12

[153250] ScheduleController - video - getNextFragment - request is null Debug.js:127:12

[153251] [FragmentModel] executeRequest trigger STREAM_COMPLETED Debug.js:127:12

[153251] [BufferController][video] checkIfBufferingCompleted trigger BUFFERING_COMPLETED Debug.js:127:12

[153251] [Stream] onBufferingCompleted - can’t trigger STREAM_BUFFERING_COMPLETED because streamProcessor audio is not buffering completed Debug.js:127:12

[153251] [ScheduleController][ video ] stop Debug.js:127:12

[153251] [ScheduleController] Stream is complete Debug.js:127:12

[156329] Removing audio buffer from: 0 to 95.6 Debug.js:127:12

<— a whole bunch of requests for chunk_ctaudio files happen -->

[184855] SourceBuffer append failed "QuotaExceededError: The quota has been exceeded."Debug.js:127:12

[184855] Quota exceeded for type: audio, Critical Buffer: 746.0300584 Debug.js:127:12

[184855] Clearing playback buffer to overcome quota exceed situation for type: audio Debug.js:127:12

[184855] [ScheduleController][ audio ] stop


[184857] Removing audio buffer from: 171.1 to 1081.319569 Debug.js:127:12

[184857] [ScheduleController][ audio ] - onFragmentLoadingCompleted Debug.js:127:12

[184868] [BufferController][ audio ] onRemoved buffer from: 171.1 to 1081.319569 Debug.js:127:12

[184868] onRemoved : call updateBufferLevel Debug.js:127:12

[184869] [ScheduleController][ audio ] start Debug.js:127:12

[184870] AbrController (audio) stay on 0/0 (buffer: 22.407) Debug.js:127:12

[184870] Getting the request for audio time : 145.414965 Debug.js:127:12

[184870] Index for audio time 145.414965 is 5 Debug.js:127:12

[184870] SegmentTimeline: 120.6 / 1838 Debug.js:127:12

[184871] ScheduleController - audio - getNextFragment - request is Debug.js:127:12

XHRGET[HTTP/1.1 200 OK 23ms]

[184901] [ScheduleController][ audio ] - onFragmentLoadingCompleted Debug.js:127:12

[201116] AbrController (video) switching from buffer occupancy to throughput ABR rule (buffer: 5.996). Debug.js:127:12

[201366] AbrController (audio) switching from buffer occupancy to throughput ABR rule (buffer: 5.793). Debug.js:127:12

[206761] Native video element event: waiting Debug.js:127:12


[ScheduleController][ audio ] - Buffer is empty! Stalling! Debug.js:127:12

[206761] Waiting for more buffer before starting playback for audio Debug.js:127:12

[206762] Native video element event: ratechange: 0