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DASH Streams freezing halfway

My company is using Wowza to stream videos across our internal network. It works great for the most part, but for some reason when playing certain files, playback will freeze at the exact halfway point of the video. The Wowza logs don’t show any errors when this happens, and in fact the only activity in the logs are the stop/destroy/disconnect events that occur after the file is left alone for a while.

Seeking within the file works fine up to the halfway point, but seeking beyond halfway freezes the video. I’ve tried multiple DASH players and all show the same behavior. The codecs of playable and non-playable videos are the same (H264 avc1.64001f), and they play locally in VLC all the way through. I can’t think of any reason certain streams would have this behavior while others work fine.

Unfortunately I cannot share any of the files or DASH manifests because they contain sensitive information, but any ideas or advice would be very welcome.


I was unable to find any previous tickets or discussions with this specific issue.

This issue may be best handled by creating a support ticket. We may be able to see more by reviewing the conf and log files.There may be some other debug options to enable that would show us more too.


Andy E.