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Debugging Wowza server


Is it possible to debug a plugin for one application while the Wowza server is running? We plan to develop more code for the Wowza in the future when the server goes live, but currently it seems we need at least two licenses. One for the production server and one for the development. Is it maybe possible to run multiple instances of Wowza on the same machine using same license? Any other ideas?




If you have a monthly subscription key, you can run multiple Wowza instances on one server, using the same license key, but at the end of the billing cycle, you will be issued an invoice for the number of simultaneous Wowza instances you were running that month.

One possibility would be to request and use a Wowza developer license. It has some restrictions, but you can use it for your development environment. Please take a look at the following URL:


Dear Zoran,

This is not the same thing as with other software. Wowza absolutely requires programming ability to meet the minimum level of usability. Yeah, well you could find people to argue about it, but for example with Microsoft Word you don’t need Visual Studio to make use of it. With Wowza Eclipse is an absolute necessity. The newly introduced web interface in Wowza v4 to manage the server is nice, but that covers only 10% of what we make use of. 90% of Wowza features require programming to make it work. And to make use of that “ability to change settings”, you need two Wowza licenses. And that somehow does not feel right. Ability to make configuration changes should not require two software licenses. The so called developer licenses are too limited and cant be used for that purpose.

Kind Regards!