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Decoding streaming metadata

I a getting StreamingMetadata according to ONVFI’s PDF (Application Programmers Guide page - page 71).
According to the pdf, I’m getting a URL and then use that URL in GStreamer it decodes data and converts them to string but
couldn’t decode the data in my c# code. Can u help me pls?


We can but we’ll need a lot more information and a better understanding of your configuration through a support ticket. (even if you’re on a trial license.)

A wowza engineer will work with you directly in a ticket where they can have full access to your files and logs- we cannot do that in the forums.

Pay close attention to transcoding audio to aac or mp3 ONVFI. Check the audio protocols vs what Wowza will accept.

This is the doc that you would need to follow for that camera and depending on the manufacturer the url setup can vary so we can help you figure it out in your ticket.

Now as far as the metadata you will need to review the documentation for the protocol that camera uses: RSTP/RTP.

It’s a lot and can get complicated, so please feel free to save some time and submit a ticket where an engineer can walk you through it.