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Delay in HLS live streams

We are using wowza and flowplayer to load HLS live streams into our applications. However, we are experiencing high delays in the stream. We fine tuned our wowza server to optimum settings (…/-latency-apple-hls-streams) and after debugging , we noticed a pattern on our application. We are showing a hls stream on particular page say page1. The hls stream is loaded into flowplayer and has delay of less than 5 sec, which is acceptable. However if we navigate to next page ,say page 2, we are feeding a new flowplayer instance with the same hls stream url (playing successfully) but latency has increased two-fold (> 10 sec now in page 2), which is not acceptable. We are not sure about the root cause of this(may be in page2, the stream got resumed from where it has left on screen 1, but the actual stream has progressed in time and hence the delay). Can you suggest some solution for this problem.

Hello @Chaitanya kanth Vadlapudi,

The first thing I would suggest is to test with a different player, just to make sure it is not a player related issue.

You can open up the stream in two tabs using Wowza Player Builder and see if the same latency increase is going to occur there.

We would like to dive deeper into this issue, and for this we would need to gather additional details about your setup. If you like please open a new ticket here for our support team to assist you.


Alex C.