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Delay startup of services (Linux)

They have a troubleshooting tip on how to delay the startup of the Wowza service on a Mac install. Can anyone share where to make this change on a linux install? (at the bottom)

In Linux the Wowza Streaming Engine and the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager are set up as systemd services. You can use systemd Timers if you want delay the start of a service; I found a pretty decent description here:

However, if the reason for delay is that you’re waiting for another service to be running, you can use State Dependencies in systemd.

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Thanks for the post. I will give it a read. It already has a depends on the network, but the network isn’t actually up even thought the service is up.

Make sure to use the and not the because the latter only checks if network is available while the former checks if network is up.