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Delete dvr content every day at the same time


We are using “archive method=append” in DVR feature, but we would like to delete all stored content every day at the same time (for example, at 4 a.m.)
Content is not streamed all time, but it can be streamed at any time. Therefore, if an application is restarted, the content stored should be available and should be deleted only once a day. That is to say, archive method = delete is not valid for us.

Is it possible to delete the DVR stored content without programming any module?
For example: we could delete the stored content with a shell script and reset the DVR’s internal database at 4 a.m. (however, we do not know how to do the last action)

If not, what is the easiest way to do it?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards!

We do not have something that’s easy and built in to do delete the dvr storage automatically and would require some custom work. You can post in Hire A Consultant or check out our Pro Services to potentially receive some paid help if you like. There’s also a #hire channel in our wowza slack channel.