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Detailed Tutorial on How to create a Live Stream using REST API?

I am building an website using PHP where users register and create live streams.

I have gone through Docs. but could not clearly understand how it is all grouped together. I am completely new to WOWZA.

It would be great if you could provide with detailed instructions on how to start from scratch, capture webcam input from client, set webcam input as live stream source, create a live stream, start/stop the live stream; all from using the REST API.

Hello and welcome to Wowza! This is great feedback and while we have this type of tutorial for Streaming Cloud, we do not for Engine, so I’ll add this video request to our list for 2020. Thank you.

I can share a video with you in the meantime that may help. You may need to fast forward a bit to the demo.

Also, please know that even if you’re new to Wowza as a trial user, you can still receive free assistance in setting up your workflow through a support ticket.

We also offer a variety of paid support plans where some include live chat support as well.

Lastly, we have a livestreaming slack channel where there is real-time discussion all day long around Wowza products and workflows.

You can join here: