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Detect VOD origin/edge application type


What is the best way to find the application type?

Running appInstance.getStreamType() works good for live origin and edge applications, returning “live” and “liverepeater-edge” values, but for VOD origin and edge it returns “default” for both.

How can i safely determine if its live origin, live edge, vod origin or vod edge application?

Many thanks, Alex.

Hi Alex.

I touched on this in your other post. Here it is again.

In the Engine Manager there is “VOD” and “VOD edge” application types which use the same stream type. The only difference is one gets configured for MediaCache and the other does not.

There is not really such a thing as a “VOD Origin”. MediaCache is the VOD equivalent to a Live Stream Repeater. But there is not a VOD origin. In this case, the “VOD origin” would be the storage location, not another Wowza server.

Kind regards,