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Developer license and transcoder

I wanted to try to transcode a stream with a developer license, but that wasn’t possible. I published a stream from a flash app, it goes to a server, but it wasn;t transcoded. Stream is not reproduced on a phone. I get a error msg on wowza *** Hit license limit for publishing streams. Publishing stream is stopped. ***

Is this because i use developer license? This all worked fine when i used wowza trial server (one month)…i don’t want to buy transcoder license until i finish my app, and for that time i want to use developer license…

Thanks for your time…

You should be able to transcode one incoming streams into several versions. Ensure that there is just one. What version of Wowza are you using?


There was an issue with that build. An update to a later build will fix the developer license Transcoder issue. The latest build is 3.1.1 and there is a patch to upgrade you to this version,


I use Wowza Media Server 3.1.0 build1410.When i send only h264 video i can see it on phone, but when i also send a sound with a video it show’s a previous msg… Any suggestion?

Thanks Lisa…this solved my problem…

I have one license for wowza streaming engine. if it is used for transcoding, how many transcoding can I use in one server?

thank you