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Developer license expires

Hello Wowza

I installed wowza streaming engine 4.8.5 and request Developer Edition License

Key Expiration Date:

Jan 31, 2021

But when we put the license to fill in, it shows that “License expired”

Check my computer, it can use internet normally

please help to check.

This mail sent from wowza, license has more than 6 blocks.

Try insert license 6 blocks

I’m checking with billing, This may be a new format for the developer license and I think that string on the end is the time limit code for the 180 days. But, let me confirm that key format is correct and if it is, we can look at other ideas of why you may be getting that error. Thanks for the great communication! I just have never seen that format-could be new. Be back in just a minute.

Ok please copy and paste the key exactly as it is from your email and then look to make sure the copy and paste did it correctly and then restart your Engine server. I am going to email you the license key so I don’t post it in here, but it does indeed look like that is the correct format now for the Engine Developer keys. I apologize, i was not aware they had changed it. Please check your spam for my email in case you don’t see it., I am sending it now.

Tech support is running your key to see why you’re getting that error. Be back soon.

Hello, I use key from mail and restart wowza service. It still shows expired.

So I try uninstall wowza and test reinstall 4.8.5 ,4.8.0 and 4.7.7 used same key.

for 4.8.5 and 4.80 show license expired

but 4.7.7 can be used immediately

I appreciate that you took all those steps and shared that info. That helps me to know you were upgrading. So, there were some major breaking changes in 4.8.0.

That means if you’re updating from a version of Wowza Streaming Engine earlier than 4.8.0, some of the file and library changes break functionality if you don’t take steps to address them. ( Most important is you need to be on Java 9! )

We show all your licenses as active, so we’ll need a support ticket so our engineers can view your Engine files and see what needs to be adjusted now for 4.8.5. They’re happy to help so you can use all the new features in 4.8.5.

You can submit a support ticket here:

hmmm…ok let me check. Your keys are all showing as valid. Let me look into this.

I had to delete that last image you posted, Your license key is private for your engine streams and not to be posted in the forums.