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Developer license


I am using the developer license to do some R+D

Is there a restriction on amount of transcoders when using the developer license?

If so…
I need to take incoming video from multiple rtp streams… and create streams with same video but opus audio.

I have succesfully done this for 1 stream.

If I have the full license will it work for all the incoming stream files in the application?

Many thanks

Hello James,

Here are the details regarding Developer License keys:

Your Developer License Includes

  • 180 days of Wowza Streaming Engine usage
  • Up to three inbound connections and ten total connections <-----
  • Access to Java and REST APIs
  • StreamLock-provisioned SSL certificate for HTTPS and WebRTC steaming

In this case, 1 inbound stream from a source and a transcoder with a single output would count as “2” inbound connections. Each transcoded output is counted as an “inbound connection”.

I do hope this clarifies.

Mac Hill
Wowza Support

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Regarding simultaneous Transoding channels, you are limited to 1 and its watermarked.

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