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Didn't get wowza player license ID

Hi there, I just registered on wowza with free trial. I try to play the sample video in my html, but unfortunately it doesn’t playing the video. so, I try to add wowza player in my html file. so, I added the script then i check, there’s an error called illegal license key format. after this error, I check your community for solving the error, there you mentioned that wowza player key is not wowza stream engine key. Then I checking my email, and there’s no wowza player key. Can you please provide the wowza player license key for me?

Hello @Ram_Kumar6. The wowza player was sunset April of 2020 and we no longer issue keys for it.

Here’s a video tutorial to get you started on testing the sample vod in VLC player.

You would need some sort of HTML5 video player.

  1. Paste the playback URL into your player or a mobile browser depending on the protocol. Alternatively, you can use the Wowza Video Test Players webpage.