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Difference between origin-edge and target streams

Hi, I have a misunderstanding with Origin-Edge configuration, I mean:

I created a Origin Edge configuration like appears in the tutorials and I was expecting to see the same streams that I have in Origin to appear on Edge configuration but nothing appears

Then I saw the target stream option and I tried it and then it worked when I put the live app as the destination, it doesn’t work with the liveEdge app that I configured, so

  1. If I want to use Origin-Edge, had I to setup target streams? shouldn’t work without target streams?

  2. why is not working the target stream with liveEdge app? (it says something about authentication but I set all the security to none)

Hello @Luis Molina Martinez,

Thanks for using Wowza community forums.

Details on how Origin - Edge relationship works is outlined here:

If you setup the Origin and Edge then you can use the following as a test:

Publish a stream to your origin application called myStream.

Test from the Wowza origin server
Server: rtmp://[wowza-origin-address]:1935/liveorigin
Stream: myStream

Test from the Wowza edge server
Server: rtmp://[wowza-edge-address]:1935/liveedge
Stream: myStream

Once you request playback of myStream from liveedge then the stream will become available on the Edge.

Please review the origin edge setup here:


Alex C

Wowza Support