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Digest authentification und RestAPI

I use RESTInterface AuthenticationMethod = digest, and PasswordEncodingScheme = sha256. After putting the sha256 hash in the admin.password file, i was able to log in through wowza streaming engine manager, but not via REST API. It keep saying: {“message”:“The request requires user authentication”,“success”:false,“code”:“401”}

I am using the usernamne and the hash i from the admin.password file to log in via rest api. Anyone has any clue?

Have you tried adding the password to the REST API client that’s not encrypted?
When adding a new username and password via Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, the password you enter will be plain text but it’s saved using the active encryption method so that it can’t be read as plain text.

In other words, the encryption is just for the storage of the password and it will be decrypted before it’s used. So, you should be using the actual password (not the encrypted version) for the REST API client.

I hope this helps. If not, or if you have further issues, I recommend creating a ticket with the Support Team via your account portal once you’re logged in.

Jason Hilton
Senior Technical Support Engineer
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thx for the infos. I got it work now.