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Disable default _definst_ live with no credentials


I apologize if the answer to this question is documented somewhere. I’ve searched but haven’t been able to find an answer:

How can I disable the default live “myStream” application/stream that doesn’t require any credentials to publish? I want to ensure that all streams being fed to the Wowza server require credentials.


There is no default stream. As long as you have secured each application you are covered.



Use the Wowza MediaSecurity Addon Package:

For live application, use ModuleRTMPAuthenticate to protect publishing. If you want to also protect content in a player you add the Property “secureTokenSharedSecret” to enable SecureToken when using ModuleRTMPAuthenticate.

In a vod application, you can do it the same way, or you can use ModuleSecureToken instead of ModuleRTMPAuthenticate.

If you are re-streaming, and have an application with StreamType “rtp-live” (for example, re-streaming from an IP camera), then use the StreamNameAlias packge to limit what streams can be re-streamed:


Thanks Richard. But how exactly do I secure each application? I must be missing something. I copied the …/conf/live/Application.xml into the application that I created, but even though the stream name is named something else, I can always send a stream to “myStream” without credentials. And in the stream manager it displays “testapplication/definst” (in this case the application is named testapplication).


Much appreciated! Thanks