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Disable IPv6 for stream targets?


we want to generate HMAC authentication tokens for Fastly stream targets in our backend.

This servers/software only listens on IPv4, so we are not able to detect the client’s IPv6 address. And even if we were able to, we don’t know with which stack the client is going to connect to the stream CDN later. is a CNAME on, which may resolve to a IPv6 address.

Is there a way to create the stream target as “IPv4-only”? Is the HMAC authentication with included IP address inoperable for the Wowza Cloud for Dual-Stack clients? Am i missing something?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Br, Thomas

Welcome to our community! :wave:
Let me check with the Cloud engineers, be back soon.

We currently don’t have a IPv4-only hostname/cdn endpoint, but I am adding it as a feature request to our backlog.

You may be able to find some custom help on this in our Hire a Consultant forum here.

Thanks for your answer. We aquire the IP on the client’s side for now as a workaround. As soon we are out of our evaluation period we will consult the professional services team.
Anyway: I think this is a general problem with token based authentication on Wowza cloud. I still think im missing something important. A pointer in the right direction would be great. How and where do other customers create tokens (including the client’s IP) for Dual-Stack environments?

I’m not sure, haven’t come across that to be honest. But you can submit a support ticket for free even with a trial license and I’m sure one of Wowza engineers can help you with that. Forums are not a place where they provide that sort of support, but you can easily send your questions here:

You may as well get the assistance needed so you can test properly during the evaluation period. Hope it all works out for you ok!

I was referreing to our internal evaluation with customers, but if the your support is the right contact for that kind of questions, i will erach out to them. Thanks for your help!

Oh I see. Our wowza engineers have encountered so many custom modules that customers built when they review support tickets from all around the world, that I do think it’s worth checking to see if they have some ideas for you.