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Disconnect RTMP published Stream via API

I have a stream that is published to my WSE via a user’s RTMP camera. I want to limit their streaming time to 120 minutes. How do I disconnect their RTMP stream?

I have read numerous other posts in here about how its better to terminate on the camera side (stop publishing live stream server side) but in the case of a GoPro or other camera source which is pure RTMP, how can I terminate the connection server side?

I have numerous IP cameras that have stream files and understand that approach but need a similar disconnect for RTMP.

That will require some custom development; you could write a plug-in that only allows cameras to stream to your server at certain times of the days. If you’re not familiar with developing plug-ins for Wowza StreamingEngine then you may send a request in the “Hire a Consultant” forums where external, professional consultants can offer their help.