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Disconnecting all listeners via API

Hello everyone!

All I am trying to do is use a REST API command to force all attached stream listeners to disconnect.

I am aware that there is a API to kill an incoming stream, but after further reading, this only works when the stream was started by the Wowza Streaming Engine itself, not from an outside encoder - so no good for me.

IT REALLY DOES NOT not matter how it is done, as long as all listeners are dumped and they have to reconnect again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Than you!

Let me see what I can find out for you on this @Tech Department

We have a solution for you and it’s the only way we know for you to do this with the REST API. Use the rest API call to restart the live application. It would restart all the packetizers/stream connections.

Thank you for the reply @Rose! That will not work, we cannot kill all incoming streams just for one. I will look into another solution.

Let me check back in with tech support and see what we can come up with.

@Tech Department, can you share more info on your workflow so the engineers can articulate a potential solution? Thanks.

You are welcome to submit a support ticket @Tech Department if you’d rather not seek a detailed solution here in the forums. It can be kind of difficult without having access to your config and files.

Our engineers are interested though in helping you find a way and run some tests on it in a non-production environment. You can submit a support ticket here if you’d like: