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DJI Phantom 4 Broadcasting Livestream.

Is it possible livestreaming for a RPAS (drone) using Wowza?

All the options of broadcasting livestream of the drone are in the picture.

How can I do livestream with my drone using Wowza?


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No image is attached.

If the Drone can output to a format Wowza supports, it should integrate with no issues. Essentially, the Drone will be a live streaming encoder that needs to output the correct codecs for Wowza to detect and ingest. I could not find anything online regarding documentation from the drones on this. If you can include documentation and the screenshot of the UI of the drone live streaming configuration, that would help me determine if Wowza can support this or not.

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I too have this question, all we have on the app is it is asking for is an RTMP URL.

Can WOWZA support this?

How can we test this?

Thank you!

still having issues?

Has this been resolved? I too want to put in a URL. Thanks!


Several customers are reporting successful streaming from a DJI to Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud.

First if you have not already I would recommend reviewing our tutorial on setting up Wowza Streaming Engine to receive an RTMP stream. This tutorial provides the basic steps that show how to use Wowza Streaming Engine to publish a live stream from RTMP-based encoders and for playback on all supported player technologies.

When configuring the setting in the DJI software make sure the RTMP URL includes the server IP and app name and the stream name. For example: rtmp://wowzaip/stream/myStream.

Also it sounds like the DJI does not have fields to input a user name and password. If you have configured your live stream in Wowza to require a password from RTMP sources you will need to disable this.

Hope those suggestions help.


Andy E.


please can i find a tuto explaining how to stream from DJI to wowza.

i will be thankful for that.

Have you read the

That Andy gave in his answer? Because that should cover it all

yeah this works rtmp://wowzaip/stream/myStream