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Do .flv's need to have aac audio to play in Wowza Player flash?

I think I am using the correct syntax:

http://[my wowza address]:1935/vod/definst/flv:Kripamoya/Kripamoyadas__20070518.flv/playlist.m3u8

I also set “useFlash”:true,

However I cannot get it to play.

This file plays in my flash player - I was wondering if it needed AAC audio to play in your flash player. It probably is MP3 audio.

Thanks in advance,



Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

Regarding support for FLV and audio, here is an article on supporte codecs that Wowza Streaming Enging supports. Can you review this and see if this answers your questions?

Supported Formats

Also, from the looks of it, your URL is malformed, which is why it is not playing. Here is an article on VOD and Playback.

VOD Playback