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Do I Need To Go After HTTPS Site?

Hey there, I would like to know the benefits that I can have if I go for HTTPS Site. I am an essay service provider and I will be useful for me if I can understand if I can improve my services offered to my clients if I employ HTTPS elements to my websites. Please help me

Going HTTPS can’t hurt but your Wowza streams will also need to be HTTPS. Remember HTTPS is not a panacea for security, it’s just one link in a long chain.

If you do, look into Let’s Encrypt, which offer free issuance of SSL certificates renewed every 30 days. There is also a script to auto convert the newly generated SSL certificate to the .JKS format required for Wowza Streaming Engine. A cron job can be set to facilitate that process automatically, and even so without restarting Wowza every 30 days.

Thank you @Stuart Gunn.


You might also want to checkout the free StreamLock certificates as they offer a quick way to setup SSL in Wowza Streaming Engine.

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