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Do Wowza Streaming Engine supports Exoplayer under free trail, if yes tell me steps of m3u8 hls generation

Hi , I am testing an HLS stream via wowza streaming engine under free trail . I am using google exoplayer in android. other live urls from other servers are running. but m3u8 hls stream generated from wowza streaming engine on AWS is not working. Every step of creating stream is correct.

I want to know is it happening because of free trail of wowza streaming engine OR I have to do some modification in m3u8 hls stream generation OR are you supporting exoplayer for hls in android.

Plz reply its urgent.

Use HlsMediaSource in Exoplayer to play

m3u8 files. See the link

We do provide a standard HLS playback stream… depending on how you may have customized the config for HLS in Streaming Engine, it may be affecting the playback success. But, we do support ExoPlayer in playing the stream and you can do this in Engine trial.

Here are the steps how to do m3u8 HLS:

If you would like some assistance, you are welcome to submit a ticket where we have dedicated support for cloud deployments such as AWS.