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Do you think Godaddy dedicated servers are Ok to Run Wowza?

I’m about to get a dedicated server at Godaddy, and I heard that those are not very efficient servers, so before order and install Wowza there, I want to know if some one has a positive or negative experience at those servers.

Also if you have some reliable dedicated hosting service will be great.

Thanks in advance for your help…


I can’t comment on that service in particular, but many hosting companies are more geared to static web sites or applications that do not require the server or bandwidth resources of a busy streaming server. You should probably discuss your needs with them to be sure you get adequate resources. Sometimes what is advertised is not what they really expect their customers to utilize.

Also, take a look at the Wowza partners page:


Richard makes a good point about the hosting companies. If you’re looking at just a straight hosting package, it’s probably not going to work for Wowza. On the other hand, if you’re getting a VPS with root access, those are typically sized and priced to handle heavier loads.

You may also want to consider the EC2 version of Wowza.

Go Daddy ???

who is using that anymore ? they are as horrible as 1and1 , stay away from them

I have two boxes with 100tb and i’m very happy , however if you want to shop around and see what other have to offer just check :wink:

Potential, how much traffic do you expect to push per month?

Thanks for the link and the comments… I’ll give a second thought on AWS cloud…