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Documentation for start and end date specification of historic data?

I can not find any docs about howto specify a start and end date when querying the rest api for historical statistic data. There is one topic in this forum where one user @Michelle B answered that, but without any reference to some official docs. I tried that but I am not sure about the results - seems like my date string is not provided in the expected format - so I need some information about how to exactly specify the start and end date & time for statistical data?

I checked the swagger api on one of our servers but the information shown for


does not give me any hints about this - the ‘start’ end ‘end’ parameters that Michelle used in her answer are not mentioned at all.

It would be helpful to have information about how to specify the start and end time format and which timezone is expected. Also I would like to read more about other parameters that might be of interest but are not documented - is there more?

Thanks again for your attention!

Hmm, can not edit my question as it seems, so I have to ‘answer’ to add another question:

The documention shows a different dateTime format in the REST answer sent from the server than I see from our own servers - I have some Java iMillis where I expected something universally usable.

As these iMillies seem to be a unix time stamp * 1000 it is not a total disaster, however I would like to know if I can get a different dateTime format by modifying the request?

Also this is not documented anywhere - and I would be happy if anybody showed me how wrong I am about that! The swagger docs do not help with parameters.

Hi John,

Thank you for pointing out the missing information in our documentation. I have flagged our Docs team so that they can add this in the article that you linked above. I’ve also responded to your question about the different dateTime format that you are getting on your server. Make sure that you are specifying the response to be in JSON format instead of XML.