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Does anyone use AWS MediaStore as a streaming target?

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In our current workflow we’re using CloudFront as our CDN. I’m working on a proof of concept to see if we can improve streaming performance by using AWS MediaStore as our Origin rather than the Streaming Engine. When I tried adding MediaStore as a generic MPEG-TS target destination, I didn’t see a way to enter AWS credentials to connect to the MediaStore endpoint. I’m wondering if this is even possible or if any customer has successfully implemented this type of workflow?


if I understand correctly what you’re asking for as far as changing the origin to CloudFront, does this doc provide the direction you need?

I would also suggest you take a look at this as well…

You could supposedly use MediaStore as a source for CloudFront when you push the stream segments from Streaming Engine to the MediaStore. For that you’d need a Stream Target in the Streaming Engine application that pushes the HLS or MPEG-DASH output. This is now a standard Stream Target in WSE but you can compile your own custom module with the required functionality; see

Remember that AWS MediaStore isn’t a replacement for WSE as it lacks a packager. If your encoder already produces HLS or DASH, you may be able to push from your encoder to the MediaStore. Alternatively you can look into AWS MediaPackage (and optionally AWS MediaLive)

If you’re looking to move your streaming into the cloud, you may also be interested in Wowza Streaming Cloud. It has support for ingest, transcoding and built-in distribution via Fastly or Akamai.

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We’re currently running WSE as EC2 instances for HLS packaging and as our http caching origin. And yes, we’re trying to push the HLS files to MediaStore as an alternate caching origin. In general you need a more advanced authentication method than username/password to PUT your files in an AWS service. That wse-example-pushpublish-hls github project referenced in the doc seems promising to create a custom auth solution. I’ll look this over with our team and see what we can cook up. Stay tuned.

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