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Does Cloud Streaming support Custom Code, Timeouts, Timeout Extensions, Terminate specific streaming sessions programatically, additional logging of streaming data?

Hi, I am currently evaluating if Wowza Cloud Streaming service can support our requirements for a camera streaming application. Is it possible to achieve the following requirements, including the implemntation of a custom module?

  1. Registering video stream sessions,

    1. I would like to keep track of each request to view video streams in a log/database
  2. Authorizing video stream connection requests

    1. Yes (
    2. I would like to keep track of successful authentication and rejected authentications in a log/database
  3. Enabling video stream timeout extensions,

    1. Can I terminate a streaming session after a certain amount of time?
  4. Enforcing video stream time-outs,

    1. Can I allow a client/viewer to request an extension (e.g. a user clicks Yes to a dialog to continue playing the stream) to viewing the stream before a timeout period is exceeded?
  5. Terminate client sessions Enforcing video stream blackouts,

    1. Can I programatically shutdown a specific client streaming session?
  6. Log statistics

    1. Can I keep track of the amount of data transferred from Wowza server to client, and vice versa, per streaming session?
  7. Allows use of custom Java modules

    1. I see that custom code, i.e. Custom Java Modules, is not supported @ 2016 May, is this still the case?

Thank you very much in advance,


Hello Eric,

Currently, this custom workflow would require you to build your own “overlay platform” in order to handle the needs you have.

  1. You need to handle all authorization and “membership” details outside of the Wowza Cloud platform. Once authorized, you pass them along to what you want them to see.

  2. Again, you would authorize your viewers and could obtain their IP address and with the token auth workflow, allow them access based on their IP for that timed session. This is all tracked outside of Wowza Cloud

  3. You can set a scheduled transcoder stop or start time via REST API in Wowza Cloud. Again, your platform provides the logic, etc and makes the API call to manage the session.

  4. If you were to assign each viewer a “timed viewing period”, this would probably require you to create a stream target for that viewer that you can enable/disable at will. So, your logic on your platform would push out the API call to disable the stream target time as needed.

  5. You can send API calls as necessary to stop/start transcoders as well as change encoder credentials, etc…

  6. You would need to currently query based on start/stop time for that session to that live stream/transcoder and the same with the stream targets to know what usage for playback occurred.

  7. There is no customization of modules on Wowza Cloud platform.

These are all great questions. I would suggest reaching out to and request some time with a Sales Engineer to help you with your workflow and what would be a fit for what you are wanting to accomplish.



Thank you very much for the detailed reply Mac. Is there any documentation you can point us to re: how to implement an “overlay platform” you had mentioned? Or do you mean we would our own api layer (using any platform we choose) that facilitates communication between the client/viewer and the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API?