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Does iOS/Android support Adaptive Bitrate when publishing(WOWZ protocol) using GoCoder?

We are using Android/iOS GoCoder.

I looked at the documentation for recovered Adaptive bitrate and found that iOS is not supported (

Player is already using adaptive bitrate through HLS.

When sending a video using live streaming, it seems that the bitrate that falls once cannot be recovered.

Does anyone know about this problem? (I wonder if Android as well as iOS have the same problem.)

Hi @David Lee, the GoCoder which streams using Wowza’s proprietary WOWZ protocol can be played back as HLS, but does not support ABR and once it drops to a lower bandwidth it will stay there. There a few things that may help with this in the Android GoCoder SDK as you can see in this post:

With Wowza announcing this past April that we’re discontinuing the GoCoder and the GoCoder SDK, I’d reach out to our transition team who can help you find a mobile encoder or SDK that will support what you need.