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Does Streaming Cloud use origin server bandwidth for each connection?


i have been using multiple servers with wowza because one server is not enough to handle my viewers as servers are limited to 1Gbps Upload Bandwidth.

I have recently tried wowza streaming cloud, when i stream a video and i have like 100 viewers i notice that my server`s bandwidth is not really been used for all 100 viewers its just uploading one video.

Is it really true that for each connection/viewer Wowza Streaming Cloud will not use my servers bandwidth like CDN Does?

Like i am streaming at 1mbps, and i have 100 viewers, my server is supposed to upload at 100mbps, but how does it work with Streaming Cloud? will it only upload 1mbps from my origin server?

Thank you.

Only a single stream is sent to Wowza Streaming Cloud from your origin server, and Wowza Streaming Cloud will handle the distribution to viewers. This ensures that your origin server is never overloaded.