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Does the video bitrate value of the smil file select the quality according to the internet speed?

Hello, First of all, I asked a question here and solved a lot of problems. Thank you.

I have a question regarding the smil file format. I put the 540p video and 720p video in the smil file format and called the link. I have confirmed that the picture quality is changing due to internet speed limiting through netlimiter. What I want to ask you here

  1. In order to provide 540p video as it is, can I provide the video bitrate and audio bitrate to match the bitrate of the 540p video? Or do I need to set a separate setting?

  2. When changing the image quality according to the Internet speed, can I change the Internet speed value at which the image quality changes through the smil file?

  3. If the internet speed is fast when the test result is set to auto through the current web player, it will start with high quality unconditionally. Is it possible to set the smil file so that I can select the lower quality first?

Below is my smil file code

<smil title="Test">
		<video src="pcTomcat/ic/540.mp4">
			<param name = "videoBitrate" value="540000" valuetype="data"></param>
			<param name = "audioBitrate" value="128000" valuetype="data"></param>
		<video src="pcTomcat/ic/1080.mp4">
			<param name = "videoBitrate" value="1080000" valuetype="data"></param>
			<param name = "audioBitrate" value="128000" valuetype="data"></param>

Sorry for the many questions. have a good day

#2 typically a function of the player ABR algorithm.
#3 Some players allow you to select what rendition to start on. Others start with first in list. Check player documentation

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These are all very good questions. In addition to what Scott shared, here is an article that may help you have a better understanding of what your options are: