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Does the wowza flash player use http streaming?

I use the wowza player for non-flash streaming, but my own old player for flash playback, because my old home-made flash player is much smoother with lower bandwidth playback - I think it is because it uses rtmp streaming and the wowza player uses http streaming within flash. Can anyone verify this?

Hello Alan,

My apologies for any delay in the response here, I am replying here to better document the basic answer to your question.

You are correct that the Wowza Player uses HTTP streaming, but it does have a fallback to Flash for users of IE 11 that cannot play the HTTP stream, but the source is still being fed from an HTTP based HLS source.

I do see that you have created Support tickets with us on other matters relating to our Wowza Player, but if the issue of quality still exists please do log a new support ticket so that we can investigate.


Jason Hatchett