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Does wowza cloud server support srs based rtmp client stream

my ip camera supports srs based rtmp client ,i am sending these rtmp stream to wowza cloud but my srs based rtmp client getting failed to send stream to wowza cloud.

does wowza support srs(

I am sending rtmp stream using srs rtmp client to link(rtmp:// of wowza cloud server.

do i need to install wowza based rtmp client in my camera to send rtmp stream to wowza cloud.

If it’s an RTMP stream, it should be no problem to connect it to Cloud. But, your rtmp needs to be set up differently I believe, so let me find you some resources.

Also, please share with me the error message you are getting.


For the IP cameras themselves, I’ve included our documentation below. When setting up the URL, you’ll need to consult the camera’s guide or with their manufacturer for details on how to retrieve the streaming address. You’ll also need to make sure the port for the IP camera is forwarded in order to connect to the Cloud itself.


To access your IP Camera from the Internet, you will need to identify your public IP address and configure your router/firewall to send requests on the applicable ports to your IP Camera.

You (or a network administrator) must access your network firewall to open and forward these ports to your IP Camera. This is not a process I am able to support, however, this website,, provides all sorts of instructions for various routers.

Once your port configuration is completed, from a computer on the same network as your IP Camera, you can visit where your public IP will be displayed. In most situations, using your IP will direct you to your server, again, as long as the ports are open and forwarded correctly.

Once you’ve made these changes, you can test if the IP Camera is accessible from the Internet. Using a computer or mobile device that is outside your firewall, try connecting to the IP Camera. Doing this will help determine if Wowza Cloud will be able to connect to you IP Camera.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions regarding accessing Wowza using a public IP.

Additional note: You can also try removing authentication and removing the port from your url. With an RTSP stream you need a static IP address so it can be “found”.

With RTMP it’s assuming you don’t have one so it’s pushing the stream to cloud.

try this url: