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Does Wowza Player support Closed Captioning?

We’re using Wowza Media server to encode the closed captions into the media stream. This works great with JWPlayer. We have several clients who use the Wowza player and wish to display Closed captions, does t your player support display of closed captions. I found some else asked this back in Sept 2016 and it was mentioned this might be a future addition?

From the article.


  • Wowza Streaming Cloud supports only the digital CEA-608 portion of the CEA-708 standard.
  • The Original HTML5 player in Wowza Streaming Cloud supports CEA-608 captions for playback in Apple HLS streams.
  • The Wowza Player doesn’t support closed captions.
  • onTextData and CEA-608 captions are included in Wowza Streaming Cloud recordings, if you create them.

We cannot provide a timeline as to either if or when closed captioning may be supported.