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Does Wowza Player support LL-HLS

Hi there,

Please let me know if Wowza Player supports LL-HLS playback.

Not in backward compatibility HLS mode, but in actual Low Latency mode.

Welcome to the community @Balajee_Naidu

The Wowza Player was sunset in April of 2020 and licenses to use Wowza player were no longer issued. Even if you had a license before that date, no the Wowza Player does not support LL-HLS, only HLS.

Here are some suggestions for you though:

  • Theo Player
  • JW Player

There may be other 3rd party players that support it that I may have missed, so I would do a google search.

Also you can test it this way through Wowza:

You can test LL-HLS streams by entering the playback URL in the Safari browser on iOS 14, other native apps on devices running iOS 14, or any player that supports LL-HLS. If a player supports HLS but not LL-HLS, it will default to playing LL-HLS streams as standard HLS.

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