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Does Wowza Player work on iOS?

Hi, I’m trying to play streaming video from our Wowza streaming engine using the wowza player. It works fine on various browsers on desktop and also on android devices, but fails on the several iOS devices (ipads and iphones) I have tried so far.

The app is a map interface with camera icons on it. When a user clicks an icon, the player is displayed and the video should start streaming.

I’m using the js api. The code is like this:

//initialize the player but dont show it yet

this.myPlayer = WowzaPlayer.create(‘playerDiv’,{

“license”:“xxxx-xxxx-xxxx” } );

//then in the function to stream video I have…

this.myPlayer.setConfig({“sourceURL”: theSourceURL});;

the stream is like “http://server:1935/live/


You have tagged on-demand streaming for this post which means mp4, but it sounds like this is a live application? Is this for IP cameras to connect when a viewer clicks on a camera @Zorba Conlen?

Hi Rose,

Yes, exactly - its live streaming from ip cameras.

The answer is yes, the Wowza player does indeed support Apple iOS- HLS playback. It looks like your "live"url is correct, but again since you tagged on-demand streaming, if it is an mp4, you need to set it up like this:

Video-on-demand stream HLS URL from Wowza Streaming Engine:

Things I suggest you check:

1. Make sure you have HLS checked as playback protocol in Engine manager, is is usually checked by default, then click launch Wowza Player in the upper right corner of the Engine manager.

You can also test your HLS url here in our test players:

  1. Click HERE to check your HLS Cupertino settings and make sure they are configured correctly:

In our docs section, we have several articles specific to Engine and HLS. Here a couple more for you to check out for troubleshooting:

Publish and Play an Apple HLS stream

HLS playback with Engine and Wowza Player

Ok thanks, so then because most IP cameras are RTSP, you’ll need to transmux the protocol to HLS as you did with the M3U8. If once you adjust the cupertino settings and you still have this problem, submit a support ticket and we’ll find the error. Usin IP cameras for iOS playback is a workflow many customers set up through Wowza, so it could just be an error somewhere in your config.

The engineers can quickly help you get it set up here:

Ok, thanks. I’ll investigate the cupertino settings and if that fails to resolve it, I’ll open a support ticket.